Well, FA-Q too! (sorry..)

Q. Duh.. what's a demo?
A. I'd expect anyone stopping by to know, but here's a crash course in demos and the demoscene. The PC Demoscene FAQ is also a great reference.

Q. Which platforms are featured here?
A. PC, Amiga, and a little C64. I may add Atari, if I can find some YMs.

Q. Why isn't (X) from (Y) here?
A. This is a collection, not an archive. I fully enjoy everything I put here. If your favorite demo is missing, then check out the next question. But it's possible that I just didn't like the music enough to add it.

Q. Can I download all the songs at once?
A. You can now. Go to ftp.scene.org/pub/demos/compilations/demodulate. That's where the files are stored. All you need is an FTP program, or even Internet Explorer if you "Enable folder view for FTP sites" under Tools->Internet Options->Advanced.

Q. Can I help out in any way?
A. Of course. Check the Wanted List. Send me any of those modules and I will be grateful. Modules missing from demos already on the site are also gladly accepted. And, you're welcome to suggest new entries, but subject to my tastes. :)

Q. What music formats can I find here? How about some MP3s?
A. Modules only. MOD, XM, and S3M are the most common. NO MP3s, with one exception: AdLib/FM tunes (and even then, I'll accept the music in the original format in case a suitable Windows player ever surfaces).

Q. Great, so how do I play modules?
A. For Windows, there are ModPlug, XMPlay, and DeliPlayer. For Linux, there are MikMod and GModplay. For Amiga, here is a list of players. For Mac, there are PlayerPRO and MikMod. For MS-DOS (eek), there is OpenCP. Then of course, there are WinAmp and Sonique. They're great for MP3s, but IMO a last resort for MODs. OpenCP and Deliplayer, among others, support C64 SIDs.

Q. Where can I get the demos these songs were made for?
A. A great general demo resource is Pouët (check the links page). Just type the title in their search box. Through FTP, you can get PC demos at ftp.scene.org, Amiga demos at ftp.amigascne.org, and C64 demos at ftp.padua.org.

Q. What's the challenge in collecting demo music?
A. The original module isn't always included with the demo. Often, it's embedded in a data file or the EXE itself, and often that data is compressed in some bizarre format. So, this collection focuses on "ripped" music, although plenty of good (IMO of course) standalone modules can be found here too.

Q. How do you go about ripping music?
A. My weapon of choice is Ripper5 for DOS. Once in a while, M3Rip will work when it fails. For packed Amiga modules, I use Pro-Wizard from Gryzor, or the Windows command-line version.

Q. How do you go about converting music?
A. I only convert modules when they're in a player-native format, like STX or MXM. There are many converters available on Maz-Sound (see Links page).