Caero Plant & EMF Dune 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Camera Symptom Tonic 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Captured Dreams The Black Lotus Radix 1997 Amiga (AGA)
Missing the intro tune.
Carbon Tulou Esau 2004 Amiga (AGA)
Cardiac Infiny Moog, Shad 1993 PC (MS-DOS)
Some modules are longer than the actual demo versions.
CAT Silents Jesper Kyd 1992 Amiga (ECS)
Catchup Grif Rian 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
CeBIT Demo '90 Red Sector Inc. Romeo Knight 1990 Amiga (ECS)
Chillin Haujobb Xhale 2000 PC (Windows)
Clairvoyance Absolute Doc Holiday, Twilight 1993 Amiga (ECS)
Clash Grif Rian 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Clerks Salva Mea Eha 2002 PC (Windows)
Clone Meets Clone Acme & Fudge Simon 1998 PC (MS-DOS)
Closer CNCD Groo 1995 Amiga (AGA)
Cocoon Surprise! Productions Scorpik 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Coma Rebels Static 1990 Amiga (ECS)
Coma Demo The Brain Slayer   1991 PC (MS-DOS)
Concrete Ephidrena Zixaq, Frequent 1999 Amiga (AGA)
Contact Pulse Scorpik 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Contagion The Coexistence Libertine 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Contrast Oxygene Clawz 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Control Oxygene Clawz 1995 Amiga (AGA)
Control (,The) COMA Groo 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Copper Surprise! Productions   1992 PC (MS-DOS)
AdLib track recorded running the demo on a 386. Stalls caused by running it at 20Mhz by mistake!
Corrosive Kloon Djamm 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Cosmos Live! Shad 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Countdown Realtech Mindfuck 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Cronologia Cascada Zodiak 1991 PC (MS-DOS)
Crystal 2 BBS Intro Xography   1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Recording of AdLib tune.
Crystal Dream Triton Vogue 1992 PC (MS-DOS)
Crystal Dream 2 Triton Vogue, Lizardking 1993 PC (MS-DOS)
Cuzco Oxygene Smith 1994 Amiga (AGA)
Cyanide Oxygen Kitsune, Jedi 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Cyboman Gazebo (Complex) Jugi 1993 PC (MS-DOS)