Hardcore Anarchy 4Mat 1992 Amiga (ECS)
Hardwired Silents & Crionics Jesper Kyd 1991 Amiga (ECS)
Read the included GLOBAL_T.TXT file to learn just how the MOD was ripped.
Haze Shock Deansdale 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Heartquake Iguana Coi, Noisy Man, Ryan Cramer 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Heaven Seven Exceed Shaman 2000 PC (Windows)
Hellraiser Megabusters Bart of Noise 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Hex Appeal Cascada Zodiak 1993 PC (MS-DOS)
High Anxiety Abyss Pink 1995 Amiga (AGA)
Holistic Cascada Zodiak 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Hot Dots Coma Virgill 1991 Amiga (ECS)
Nothing to do with the PC group of the same name.
How To Skin A Cat Melon Dezign Nuke 1993 Amiga (AGA)
Hplus Halcyon Dune (Brothomstates) 1998 PC (MS-DOS)
Huge Crowd Nooon & Orange Dune 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Human Target Melon Dezign Static 1992 Amiga (ECS)
Hunt For 7th October, The Cryptoburners Walkman 1990 Amiga (ECS)
Hyperventilation Byterapers Yolk, Legend 1998 PC (MS-DOS)