Machines of Madness Dubius Nitro 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Taken from the Dubious Demotunes musicdisk.
Madness Anarchy 4Mat 1990 Amiga (ECS)
Magia The Black Lotus Blaizer, Steffo 2003 Amiga (AGA)
Magic Circle, The The European Technology (TET) Executioner 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Magic View Dubius Nitro 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Taken from the Dubious Demotunes musicdisk.
Mainstream 2 INF Sticky 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Major Release Da Jormas Vesuri 2004 Amiga (ECS)
Mathematica Reflex PVCF 1995 Commodore 64
Maximum Overdrive 2 Rage Fajser 1994 Amiga (AGA)
Mayday Resistance Adict Radar, Contrast 1992 Amiga (ECS)
Meetro Balance Travolta 1993 Amiga (ECS)
Megablast Orange Dune 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Megademo Red Sector Inc. Bit Arts, Romeo Knight, SCS 1989 Amiga (ECS)
Megademo The Space Pigs   1990 PC (MS-DOS)
Files are numbered the same as the demo filenames, but in the reverse order of how they are played. i.e., spmega6.mod is the first to play, and spmega1.mod is the end tune. The PC speaker tunes are omitted, of course :).
Megademo 7 Kefrens   1989 Amiga (ECS)
Not at all complete, and I think there are a couple tunes from Megademo 8 (1990) in there as well.
Megamix Realtech Execom, Fairlight 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Mental Debug Dead:Beef Dirk, Ro Lex, Yorak 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Mental Hangover Scoopex Uncle Tom 1990 Amiga (ECS)
Not a big fan of this tune, it's really here for the sake of Trixter and MindCandy Vol. 2 :)
Mental Surgery Future Crew Lord Soth (aka Purple Motion) 1991 PC (MS-DOS)
Mentality Mental Design Dune 1993 PC (MS-DOS)
Mesmerized Pure Metal Coders Zapper 1990 Amiga (ECS)
Message From the Cosmic Brothers, The Complex Jugi 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Mighty Xtacy Gatekeeper 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Mind Riot Andromeda Mr. Man 1993 Amiga (ECS)
Mindflow Stellar Strobo 1994 Amiga (AGA)
Mindwarp Team Hoi Ramon 1993 Amiga (AGA)
Miracles Stellar Groo 1995 Amiga (AGA)
Misery Dentro 2 TRSI Virgill 1993 Amiga (ECS)
Misguided Haujobb Captain Bifat 1997 PC (MS-DOS)
Mnemonics Haujobb   1999 Amiga (AGA)
Mobile: Destination Unknown Spaceballs Audiomonster 1993 Amiga (ECS)
Mother Mother, Fukwit Daddy Haujobb Melwyn 2002 PC (Windows)
Multica Andromeda Mr. Man 1992 Amiga (ECS)
My Kingdom Haujobb & Scoopex Jazz, Muffler 1997 Amiga (AGA)
My Sweet Veronica Haujobb Melwyn 1999 PC (MS-DOS)