S.A.T.A.N Alien Prophets Booster 2003 PC (Windows)
Saint Halcyon Vesuri, Pam, Naks 1997 PC (MS-DOS)
Original mods also available under "Saint (unmixed)".
Saint (unmixed) Da Jormas Vesuri, Pam, Naks 1997 Amiga (ECS)
The original MODs, before being mixed into the Halcyon demo. Look under "Saint" for the final mixed S3M.
Sea Robot of Love, The Orange Dune 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Second Reality Future Crew Purple Motion, Skaven 1993 PC (MS-DOS)
Second Reality C64 Smash Designs KB 1997 Commodore 64
Secret Life of Mr. Black, The Orange Dune 1997 PC (MS-DOS)
Seeing Is Believing Anarchy Nuke 1991 Amiga (ECS)
Seen Before Scoopex Hilite 1992 Amiga (ECS)
Semtex City Jeskola Jugi 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Sequential Andromeda Mr. Man 1994 Amiga (ECS)
Seven Sins Scoopex Uncle Tom 1990 Amiga (ECS)
Shad Cocoon & Syndrome Traven 1998 PC (MS-DOS)
Shape Change Anarchy Nuke 1991 Amiga (ECS)
Short Circuit COMA Groo 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Show Majic 12 Chorus, Sid 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Shrooms Bypass DHG 2001 PC (Windows)
Signal Satire Ara 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Demo never publicly released.
Silence Hysteria Cube 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Conversion not perfect; volume slides and portamentos were fixed to sound at least close. Originals still wanted!
Sink Pulse Falcon 1997 PC (MS-DOS)
Smoke Bomb Ozone Cueder 1999 Amiga (AGA)
So Groovy Arise Taron 1993 Amiga (ECS)
Solex Oxygene Clawz 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Solstice Valhalla Big Jim 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Sonnet Threestate Vic 2001 PC (Windows)
Soppa Future Crew Purple Motion 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Fun fact: This is a cover of a popular Finnish ice cream truck jingle!
Soulkitchen Silents Scortia 1994 Amiga (AGA)
Space Travel INF Distance 2002 PC (Windows)
Spaced Out Cascada Zodiak 1992 PC (MS-DOS)
Demo never released (and lost forever in a HD crash. :(
Spellbound Loveboat Jazz 1999 Amiga (AGA)
Spellcheck Andromeda Lord Interface 1991 Amiga (ECS)
Square Pulse Shad, Mario 1997 PC (MS-DOS)
SSI Demo Future Crew Purple Motion 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
Starport BBS Intro Future Crew Purple Motion 1992 PC (MS-DOS)
Recording of AdLib tune.
Starport BBS Intro II Future Crew Skaven 1993 PC (MS-DOS)
Recording of AdLib tune.
Stars Nooon Groo 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Music in one piece (as in the final version).
Stars, Stars Acid Rain Melwyn 2000 PC (Windows)
Stash The Black Lotus Probe 1997 PC (MS-DOS)
State 808 Shock Rian 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
State of Hate Dubius Nitro 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Taken from the Dubious Demotunes musicdisk.
State of the Art Spaceballs Travolta, Vinnie 1992 Amiga (ECS)
Includes the actual demo version of "Condom Corruption", rather than the more common, extended music compo version.
Static Chaos Silents Bass 1992 Amiga (ECS)
Sorry, doesn't include the chiptunes at the end. :)
Stickman's World COMA Longjam 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Stone Age Fiction Itsari Necros 1997 PC (MS-DOS)
Strange Feelings Haujobb Melwyn, Illusion 2000 PC (Windows)
MO3 format, playable in XMPlay or any other player using the BASS library.
Stuff Xtacy Gatekeeper 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Substance Quartex Moby 1991 Amiga (ECS)
Sumea Virtual Dreams Alien 1996 Amiga (AGA)
Super Television Orange Dune 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Surrealism Andromeda Lord Interface 1993 Amiga (ECS)
Switchback Rebels   1994 Amiga (AGA)
Syndrome Balance Subject 1994 Amiga (AGA)
Synergistic Mistery The Fear 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Synergy Remix Solar NOXS 2002 PC (Windows)