Tag Jetset Hollywood 1993 Amiga (ECS)
Tales Of A Dream Dreamdealers Moby 1991 Amiga (ECS)
TE-2RB TPOLM Mellow-D (md) 1998 PC (MS-DOS)
Technoholic Extreme   1993 PC (MS-DOS)
Technological Death The Mad Elks XTD 1993 Amiga (ECS)
Tekniks Unique Smirk 2002 PC (Windows)
Television Orange Dune 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Terminal Fuckup Sanity Jester 1993 Amiga (ECS)
The Box Mainloop Toxic Child 2002 PC (Windows)
The Difference N-Factor   1996 PC (MS-DOS)
The Final Option Phantom Design Deansdale 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Surprise! Productions Fred 1993 PC (MS-DOS)
Same tune as "Pha-Q" by Scoopex (Amiga).
The Incident Plexus & The Cross Mefis 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
The Party 2 Invitation Intro Future Crew Skaven 1992 PC (MS-DOS)
The Party 3 Report Xography Chris Korte 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
For your convenience, the intro section with the applause has been removed.
The Real Thing Capacala Breeze, Spay 1994 PC (MS-DOS)
The Unreal Thing Capacala Breeze 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Thug Life Essence Marvin 1997 Amiga (AGA)
Time Zone +13:00 Eufrosyne Dune 1997 PC (MS-DOS)
Tint The Black Lotus Azazel 1996 Amiga (AGA)
Together Fairlight Smash 2000 PC (Windows)
Tone Eufrosyne   1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Total Triple Trouble Rebels Static 1990 Amiga (ECS)
Tower Power Camelot Jeff 1994 Commodore 64
TP2 Intro Legend Dirk 1992 Amiga (ECS)
TP5 Intro Cascada Zodiak, Necros 1995 PC (MS-DOS)
Trans Cheddar Express DCB Vip, Snibble 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Transgression 2 MFX 1in10 1996 PC (MS-DOS)
Transmogrification 2 Blocc Poison 1997 PC (MS-DOS)
Triage 5 Smash Designs Sonic 2001 Commodore 64
Tribes Pulse Scorpik, Falcon 1997 PC (MS-DOS)
TUM08: The Better Party Smash Designs Ciaran 2004 Commodore 64
SID cover of the FR-08: .The .Product soundtrack
Tungsram Haujobb Muffler 1998 PC (MS-DOS)